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Zurich PhD Program in Molecular Life Sciences


About Us

The Molecular Life Sciences Ph.D. program is an interdisciplinary 3-4 year Ph.D. program with an aim to recruit and train outstanding young scientists in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, cell, computational, developmental, molecular, structural, and systems biology. It is a joint program of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, two highly prestigious Swiss universities with excellent research facilities.

There are about 200 students from all over the globe and about 85 research groups.


Applications to the Ph.D. programme could be done bi-annually. For more details about application and evaluation process, please follow this link >>


Participating students can choose from a broad selection of research topics and participate in cutting edge research. The final degree is conferred by either the University of Zurich or the ETH Zurich, depending on the academic affiliation of the host laboratory. In order to graduate, students need to fulfil all requirements imposed by their host institution (University of Zurich or ETH Zurich) and home departments. This includes the acquisition of at least 12 Credit Points, at least 100 hours of teaching (only for students at University of Zurich) as well as the deposition and defense of their Ph.D. thesis describing their original research work. For more information please follow this link. >>


The thesis committee consists of a project supervisor, at least one program member and an external expert. After the first six months, the Ph.D. students present their thesis proposals to the committee, which will evaluate the progress of the PhD projects thereafter on an annual basis.

Financial Aid

Research groups within the MLS Ph.D. program support students financially according to the Ph.D. student salary guidelines of the Swiss National Science Foundation (1st year: 47'040.- SFr, 2nd year: 48'540.- SFr, 3rd year: 50'040.- SFr).

Apart from this, MLS Ph.D. programme offers opportunity to apply for travel grants thus aiding research by enhancing collaboration and participation. For more details about the travel grant application please follow this link. >> (PDF, 164 KB)

Life in Zurich

Zurich is a perfect place to practise research . It not only provides a safe and serene environment , but also offers wide range of activities to do and have a good social life. For more information about life in Zurich please follow this link. >>

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Programme Secretary

Dr. Susanna Bachmann,

Institute Molecular Life Science 

University of Zurich

Winterthurerstrasse 190

CH-8057 Zurich 

Fax: +41 44 635 6861

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